What’s in my Bag? 2019 Edition.

Hi! It’s your local starving artist.

It’s about the time of the year when I start making this kind of post. The difference is, I feel like there’s been a lot of clarity which has directly affected what I carry around on the daily. Some of the items may seem familiar and others are fairly new!

Also, I feel like I don’t need to mention things like my phone, wallet, and keys since those are pretty basic to the trade.

So, let’s get started.

My Bag

WOW AVA GOT A NEW BAG! SHOCKER! Only, this one is here to stay because I never felt such a great attachment to a bag before. Not only does this Fossil tote/backpack fit everything I need, the design is classic and goes with all my outfits. The only place I probably can’t wear it to is a steakhouse but such is a rare occasion (like my meat! HAH!).

Backpacks were always convenient for me because the other design options were always tedious. Shoulder bags hurt and I hated how I could never bend over without it swinging around to the ground. Handbags were annoying because I always liked having my hands free and carrying them on my elbow was just annoying? Backpacks are just way more convenient for me.

The bag itself opens up to a large compartment with a zipper pocket on one side and two open ones on the other. There is also a secret pocket on the back(?) with a zipper on the side for easy grabbing. I was a bit wary of pocket, thinking my keys would dig into my back, but the leather makes it noticeable.

BONUS! Sometimes, backpacks are annoying because one can’t help but feel dickish when serpentining through crowds. This design is quite slim, so I never feel in anyone’s way. Am I really though? I don’t know. The point is, I don’t FEEL like it. Please don’t let me know, otherwise.

My Tech

Everyday I carry an iPad 15-inch with an iPencil. My iPad also has a keyboard-cover attachment which is great for writing blogs and whenever I check my social media (I hate typing on the iPhone). Although it gets a little heavy, my iPad is ESSENTIAL for me to be able to work conveniently during breaks at work.

I also carry an external battery. This one comes with a built-in iPhone USB cable. The battery life is sufficient enough for weekend trip (though I would be cutting it close). It’s an incredibly convenient device which has become somewhat of a safety blanket, haha.

This is… It? I’m quite shocked since I thought there would be more to say. I part of me is sorta proud since I tried to become more minimalistic with what I carry day-to-day, haha. Occasionally, I’ll have headphones on me.

My Other Essentials

Okay, this list should be longer! I have a few knick-knacks I carry in case of emergency, even if I don’t use them often.

  • Japanese Eyedrops (Forgot to include in the picture! They’re just your standard minty drops)
  • KeepCup Portable 6oz Travel Mug
  • Salonpas/Heat Patches
  • Portable Pain Medication (Also forgot to photograph…)
  • Handkerchief (Thanks, Ban!)
  • Sunglasses (Thanks, Joshua!)
  • Portable Cutlery
  • Mints
  • Milani Liquid Lipstick and Nivea Peach Lip Balm
  • Essentials like Wallet, Phone, and Keys (Again, not pictured. I really am terrible)

All in all, pretty standard stuff. They’re all divided into the pockets according to how well… they mix together? For example, I wouldn’t put my Salonpas next to my mints. Things which spill easily are usually the ones zipped up. Things like that!

I also try to carry hand sanitizer with me, but I ran out on this day. Sometimes too, I’ll have my Spyderco knife. The contents of my bag sorta vary week by week.

In Conclusion…

Thank you for reading this far, if you did! I love when others offer to share what’s in their bag because it’s so fascinating seeing what others carry on their day-to-day (without sounding like a stalker). I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Until next time!