Procreate: How to Change Blending Layers


This blog pose is going to be about how to change the blending properties of a layer. For example– Overlay, multiple, opacity, etc…

If this interests you, please read further!

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So here is the document opened up. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to open your layers!

(If you don’t know where that is, it’s the overlapping squares in the upper right corner)

IMG_0399 Edit.jpg

Once you open up the layers box, select the layer you want to change. I’m going to be changing the blending of her blush.

Select the letter next to the checkbox. Typically, it’ll be a, “N” for “Normal. Mine is already on a blending change, so the initials transitioned accordingly.

Click on the letter to open up the blending options.

IMG_0400 edit

Once you click the letter or most likely the, “N”, you’ll be pulled into a sub-menu of blending options as well as the opacity level.

The opacity can be changed by moving the blue slider and the blending can be changed by selecting from the list.

IMG_0400 edit12

Within the sub-menu, you’ll also notice the circular icons on the bottom. These are categories which open up to different lists of blends!

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For example, this is a blend type under the, “Difference” category, using the, “Difference” blend option.

In the previous example, I was under the, “Contrast” category, using the, “Pin Light” blend option.

Playing around with different blend tools, as well as opacity can give your image and extra layer of color that you wouldn’t naturally think of before. I enjoy these options because it’s sorta a short cut to figuring out shading/lighting.

For example, I might set a layer on, “Multiply” and have a cohesive shade color no matter what. In the future, I will write a blog post on how I use blending layers to work out a color palette.

Anyways, hope this blog post helped a little! Please ask me any more questions if you want.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time!