Wow! Not going to lie, decided to write a blog post simply because I couldn’t stand this area being empty on the site. Still, I guess it’s nice to do a quick hello?

So… Hello!

Welcome to the opening of my online store and blog, Ache Space! I’ve been meaning to get my shop up and running for some time now… After months of crippling depression over art identity. It’s been quite an introspective journey, but I’m confident in the place I want to take my storytelling and art!

This blog is to serve as sort of a place of short stories, musings, and a curation of everything horror and romantic. More will be revealed as posts goes on. For now, I hope you enjoy the shop opening of my shop. The collection of sketch babies are near and dear to my heart– Please give them a good home!

As always, a percentage of all my earnings will be donated to Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention.

Thank you for your time!

P.S. Please check out the mates, @bearbulb’s Instagram! He just came out with his first photobook and your’s truly is pretty stoked about it. His portraits remind me of celebrating the little imperfections which makes humans. Please check him out!

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